• 4 Reasons for Your Business to Use Self-Storage

  • Generally, when you think about self-storage you think about using it during a move, home renovation, seasonal items, etc., but self-storage is actually well-suited for your business needs as well.

    Here are 4 reasons why self-storage can help your business…

    1. Do you have a growing side business that’s currently based out of your home?

    We get that keeping your business and personal items separate is hard when you have a home office. Self-storage is a cost-effective way to reclaim your spare room and get your kitchen table back. Often times utilizing good storage space is far more economical than changing locations.  Perhaps storage is a better option than the expense of a larger space.

    1. Is your current office or store not quite big enough anymore?

    Think about self-storage for seasonal items, unused displays or document storage. At Bridge City Self Storage we have a fully secured facility, with great facility hours and drive up access to your unit;  making it easy for you to get to items you need conveniently and quickly.

    1. Do you have tools and equipment taking up space in your garage?

    Mechanics, contractors, landscapers – we are talking to you! We have multiple sized storage units to accommodate all kinds of tools and equipment.  We offer lots of security with 28 HD CCTV cameras and a fully fenced facility perimeter. 

    1. Do you need fluid storage space?

    Are you thinking about the inventory you just ordered and looking at the space you’ve got to put it in and wondering how it’s all going to fit? Or maybe you’re packing to move your office and are tired of living in a maze of boxes. We can help! Our leases are all month-to-month meaning, that we can help you find the extra space you need when you need it, for as long as you need it.


    Come down and see us today, we’d love to give you a tour and discuss how we can help you grow your business!